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At Levesque Plastic Surgery, our purpose is to provide our patients with natural-looking results using only the safest and most effective methods. Led by board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Andre Y. Levesque, we offer a range of procedures for the breast, body, face, hands, and skin.

Our skilled team understands how important it is to feel confident and secure in your own skin. This is why we have specially designed our treatments to enhance the natural beauty of everyone who steps into our Austin, TX plastic surgery facility. Whether you're seeking rejuvenation for a younger appearance, body contouring for a more dramatic result, or reconstructive procedures to rediscover your sense of self, Dr. Levesque has the skills and experience necessary to provide you the look you desire.

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No matter what your concerns and goals are, our full library of individually tailored procedures contains something for everyone. At Levesque Plastic Surgery, we are proud to offer our patients only the most advanced treatments and techniques to meet and exceed their expectations.

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Andre Y. Levesque, M.D.

Dr. Andre Y. Levesque is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon local to Austin, TX. Although he was not born in Texas, he got here as quickly as he could and spent his formative educational years in Austin. In fact, he loves this community so much that he chose to open his solo practice in the heart of the Lone Star State. After obtaining his medical degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch, he spent years training with the best plastic surgeons in the field. This training allowed Dr. Levesque to acquire the skills and expertise necessary to operate his own cosmetic facility, Levesque Plastic Surgery.

Specializing in treatments for the breasts, body, face, hands, skin, and various reconstructive procedures, his comprehensive knowledge of aesthetic surgery has been a benefit to numerous patients in his care. At Levesque Plastic Surgery, he offers breast augmentations, tummy tucks, facelifts, eyelid lifts, fat grafting, hand rejuvenation, skin cancer reconstruction surgery, and several FDA-approved injectables to achieve rejuvenation and natural-looking results.

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Our mission is to provide patients with stunning, natural-looking results they can't wait to show off. We accomplish this by employing only the safest and most effective techniques, both surgical and nonsurgical. No matter what your concerns are, Dr. Levesque will work with you closely in a one-on-one consultation and craft a personalized plan to achieve your goals.

We understand that electing to receive plastic or reconstructive surgery can be both exciting and overwhelming. For this reason, our site proudly features gorgeous before-and-after photos of patients just like you who have entrusted their cosmetic care to Dr. Levesque. Our team invites you to view our gallery and envision your results.



"I went to Dr. Levesque for some liposuction on the hard to lose areas of my thighs and flanks. He made sure my expectations were realistic and exactly what he could and couldn't do. He was very detailed in describing the procedure and very patient with questions. It is very obvious he truly cares about his patients and won't just do any procedure a patient wants, but will do what he can to ensure the patient will be happy with the results. For example, I wanted lipo on my rear end. Alot of it. He told me that if he did too much, I would get saggy and explained clearly why what I wanted wasn't a good idea. Other plastic surgeons might have just done it anyway. I felt extremely comfortable with him and trusted him completely. I'm very glad I did! I am extremely happy with my results and would never hesitate to do another procedure with him."



"Helen is simply the best and a total doll! I have been seeing her for over 12 years now for dysport injections and not only is it painless, I come out flawless every time!"



"Far Exceeded Expectations - The scars are healing fine and natural looking - After meeting with several top rated plastic surgeons in Austin, I found Dr. Levesque. He was the only one willing to do a Deep plane facelift under local anesthesia, right in his office. This, along with his entire practice/staff, level of professionalism and explanation, etc., gave me complete confidence in having him do the procedure. I was still nervous going into procedure day, but truly, I am still amazed that I literally walked out of there looking like nothing had happened (well, other than the stitches under the bandages, ha!) and feeling fine. I walked the dog when I got home, and was able to shower and wash my hair the next day. I will try to post some photos that show the minimal amount of bruising. The truth is, I could have gone most anywhere and with only swelling, only someone who knew me would have wondered if I'd had a procedure done, and this from day 1!!! I guess that using local involves being given something that minimizes blood circulation in the area during the procedure, so there was just almost no bruising. It has been 2.5 months since the surgery. The scars are healing fine. I still have a bit of tightness in my right neck and some numbness on sides of my face and around ears, but that's about it. The really cool thing is that it is just so natural looking."



"Lipo Arms, Upper back, bra rolls, upper chest,abdomen,inner thighs - I've had some lipo done before which had a positive impact on my actual body shape( lower ab/ flanks). I lose and gain weight often due to depression so i've been working on it. This time, when I gained weight it looks went to my upper body is a serious way. Also i've gained visceral fat in my upper abdomen that can only be reduced by diet and exercise, so that's my current task . In the meantime , i've grown tired or this heavier weight up top so i've been researching doctors for a few months around Texas. I also had consults with surgeons in Atlanta and Miami . I was attracted to those flashier doctors at first because they do really aggressive lipo and I feel like I need aggressive especially since i've had some lipo before. That means there will be scar tissue in some areas that will be tougher to maneuver. I'm not interested in a BBL or fat transfer. I'm never going to be a skinny person nor am I gym rat often enough to build and maintain a 6 pack and perfect toned arms and legs. I'm not saying it's impossible but it is improbable. I'm realistic about my expectations with lipo so I know that once this procedure is done , i still have work to do in order to get the upper abs to flatten. In any case , I decided against the Miami doctors because I saw a lot of stories online about women dying on the operating table from various missteps of the surgeons. Of course I know not all Miami doctors are bad but I saw enough. The Miami price are very cheap and tempting. I saw a lot of reviews about women saying they felt like they were in an assembly line and the doctors just rush and bring people in and out. I wanted to save money but not for that much additional risk . Elective surgery is a risk all together-but why add on more risk unnecessarily. So I started to look at smaller boutique surgery centers and found several in my own city which is Austin Texas. From start to finish I had 8 consults. I decided on Dr. Levesque here in Austin and he has a fairly small operation with privileges at a local surgery center. He offers liposuction under general or local- depending on how much work you want and if you want to be fully under . I felt a great vibe from the staff and the prices were fair and I was able to choose general because I didn't want local based on a prior scary experience with a bad doctor. I know i'm the type who needs to just be put under. Of course there are extra costs to go to the surgery center and for an anesthesiologist. Small price to pay for my sanity and surgeons can be more aggressive while you're under and the results tend to be better . The downside( in my opinion) is that the recovery is harder when you go under general because the doctor can just go to town on you pretty forcefully so you're sore. My surgery is tomorrow- May 15th. I'm nervous but I've been in this process before so i'm fully prepared , lol or I think I am. I'm getting lipo to my back, arms, bra roll, inner thighs and some touch up on the abs."



"What a joy to work with Helen Klingensmith! Helen has been my preferred provider for Dysport for many years and I’m so pleased to be connected with her through Levesque Plastic Surgery. Her bedside manner is unprecedented...she is very thorough and always explains what to expect and is very compassionate. Her technique is unrivaled — I have NEVER even had so much as a pinpoint bruise. I highly respect Helen and recommend her without hesitation."




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We invite you to learn all that you can about our respected plastic surgeon and hardworking staff before you schedule your private consultation here at Levesque Plastic Surgery. When you entrust your cosmetic care to our skilled hands, we strive to provide only the highest quality service and results.