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About SkinPen in austin, tx

Microneedling is a non-surgical, non-invasive cosmetic treatment that rejuvenates the skin using tiny needles. The needles create microscopic channels that stimulate the skin's natural ability to heal and regrow. Common conditions that microneedling can treat are sun damage/hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, surgical scars, acne scars and scares from chickenpox. Common treatment areas for microneedling include the face, neck and chest. At Levesque Plastic Surgery in Austin, TX we use SkinPen for microneedling. 

Ideal Candidates

Candidates for microneedling treating wrinkles and/or acne scars are those age 22 and older with any Fitzpatrick skin type.

SkinPen what to expect

A consultation is the first step. During the consultation visit desired results, goals, expectations, and timeline will be discussed. We will also determine if you are a good candidate for treatment. If you are a good candidate we will set up a treatment appointment. If a treatment appointment is scheduled we will give you a small amount of topical numbing cream that you will need to apply to the treatment area 45 minutes prior to your appointment. Some patients are not comfortable applying their own topical numbing cream and this is okay. In cases like these we would extend the appointment by 45 minutes and apply the numbing cream in the office. Once the topical numbing agent has been on the treatment area for 45 minutes alcohol is used to remove excess cream and the treatment can begin. A topical non-cytotoxic gel (Skinfuse Lift HG) is applied to the treatment area to help the device glide smoothly across the skin surface and supports proper wound healing. The microneedling device resembles a pen and a sterile single use needle cartridge is attached to it. The needle cartridge contains 14 microneedles that actively retract during the procedure to reduce scratching or tracking. The cartridge has a mechanism to lock the depth the needles can penetrate. The treatment itself does not cause pain, but patients have described a feeling of vibration. Depending on the area being treated a treatment can last between 30-60 minutes. After the treatment a Biocellulose Masque is applied to the area for 15 minutes to help soothe and calm the skin. 

SkinPen Post Care

Immediately after the treatment the treated area will appear pink or mildly red. Some patients have dry or itchy skin for about 24 hours. We recommend not wearing makeup, avoiding heat (steamy showers, saunas, hot yoga, etc) and avoiding direct sunlight for 1-2 days after treatment. 

SkinPen Faqs


Microneedling treatments at Levesque Plastic Surgery cost $350. Our office sometimes offers special pricing on microneedling treatments. Sign up for our emails and follow us on social media to make sure you do not miss out on savings.,


Microneedling utilizes very small needles that create micro injuries to the skin. These micro injuries cause the immune system to respond to the injury by increasing blood flow and sending immune cells to the treated area. After the body responds cells in the skin begin to produce collagen to rebuild the area. The collagen and remodeling of the treated area produces smooth and revitalized skin. 


Yes, microneedling is safe. SkinPen has a patented single use sterile needle cartridge and has over 90 validation tests to prove safety and efficacy. 

Ready for SkinPen?

Call 512-487-5975 to schedule your consultation appointment or your microneedling treatment appointment. 

The consultation appointment fee is $50, which is non-refundable, however can be applied to the cost of your SkinPen treatment or towards the cost of other services at Levesque Plastic Surgery in Austin, TX.

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