Breast augmentation with Dr. Levesque in Austin, Tx 350 cc IMF incision

Procedure Details


Early changes with implant

Here we have posted a series of photos that demonstrate that over the early post operative period the implants change from a high position to an appropriate position with the maximal fullness under the nipple and areolar complex.  This has been referred to as a "drop and fluff".  This occurs when the implant stretchs the lower pole skin and soft tissue of the breast to accommodate its larger size.  The effect can be more pronounced with a partial submuscular placement of the implant compared to subglandular and also with smooth implants compared to shaped implants. 

Our patients typically look great immediately in all clothing and swim suits when the implants are slightly high.  As the implants settle the appropriate relationships of the fullness and nipple areolar complex is revealed and our patient can also expect to look fantastic without clothing as well.

If you look closly the middle photos are in the early post operative period at 1 month post op.  The last photo is at 4 months post op.  We typically expect the majority of swelling and changes to occur in the first 3 months.