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Proud Father

On October 4, 2016 we were blessed to welcome our 2nd healthy child, Jackson Alexander Levesque. I think it is much easier going through the birthing process without any medical knowledge because I can tell you first hand that I didn't enjoy the special moments as it should as I was too busy worrying about all the things that can go wrong with mom or baby. Although I was considerably less anxious than our first child Sophie as I looked around the room for surgical supplies as her heart rate plummeted preciptiously. (I faintly remember what the drop meant late versus early decelerations from my OB rotation as a medical student) I also felt confident I could do a C-section if absolutely required in an emergency with my experience operating all over the body. Thankfully this was not required for either of our children.

Becoming a parent is so much more than you imagine before you actually become a parent. In addition to immediately aging about 10 years and growing grey hairs almost instantaneously, you gain so much insight and appreciation for your own parents. You also become instantly more patient with parents at the store battling with their defiant toddlers, treating pediatric patients, and understanding their parents' anxieties and fears.

Thank you for my awesome patients understanding my absences for the past week. Obviously thank you to my wife Jessica in growing our awesome baby boy! Thank you to my parents Jacques and Kris that put their own goals and desires second to me and my brothers upbringing. Thank you to my wife's parents Pete and Sylvia for raising such an awesome woman, wife, mother, and pathologist, cytopathologist, molecular pathologist extraordinare. Thank you to our daugther Sophie that is very excited on becoming a big sister and understanding that Jackson is a boy and we're sorry we didn't get her a sister.

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